About us

Competing For Life Foundation (CFL) is wholly focused upon shaping generations of young people, improving physical fitness and supporting healthy lifestyle choices. We truly believe that we can successfully shape these generations by encouraging the use of positive core values while putting a strong emphasis on integrity and character developmentā€¦both on and off of the playing field

About Competing For Life

The Competing For Life Foundation is committed to helping make the next generation of youth the most active, successful and healthy generation yet. Our efforts to motivate kids to get up and get active and to make healthy life choices are at the core of Board members and volunteers desire to make a difference each and every day.

Ted Dance

serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Competing for Life. His work with the foundation is a direct extension of his life-long dedication to health, personal fitness, and youth mentoring & development. Ted is the author of Raising Athletic Stars, a definitive guide for any parent, coach, or student-athlete determined to build strong character driven and athletic children. Ted draws from more than twenty years of personal and parental athletic experience, as well as mentoring, to bring a heartfelt and practical tone to Raising Athletic Stars. Ted used powerful lessons about character and competition to raise his own two sons, who each went on to win full Division I athletic scholarships. Both of his sons excelled on and off of the field of play. He is a self-made success story with several successful businesses and professional pursuits.