Youth Movement: 
A program to improve the health of at-risk youth through physical activity. This program is aimed at youth between the ages of 4-18, and is intended to combat the roots of obesity and sedentary lifestyle in teens: poor dietary habits, lack of adequate dietary and fitness information, and lack of physical activity. YM is intended to provide both the tools, and the motivational factors necessary for young people to understand as well as adopt a healthier lifestyle The first component is a daily program that will eventually target all students of participating schools throughout the school year during school hours. A physical activity program based on a fitness assessment will be implemented into each participating school’s physical education curriculum. The fitness programs of each school will be tailored to accommodate their respective curricula and schedules. The second component is an after school and weekend program that features athletic training and the formation of track & field clubs.

The Raising Athletic Stars Scholarship: The Raising Athletic Stars Scholarship Program provides invaluable opportunities for youth to participate in youth athletic camps, lessons, or team athletics that would be cost prohibitive for them otherwise.