Volunteer Today!

Volunteers of Competing for Life Foundation, Inc. of Arizona, promote academic performance, life skills, leadership skills, healthy eating habits, character and integrity building, and how to say no to drugs, alcohol, sex and crime. We encourage maximum involvement of volunteers and we thank you for your interest in volunteering with us. We would like our team of generous volunteers to supplement our staff to bring the creativity and resources necessary to achieve our mission.

What do volunteers do?

• Provide leadership at every level

• Offer hospitality/Develop materials

• Meet with our youth and their families

• Volunteer skills, talents and creativity

• Train and mentor volunteers and members

• Raise money/Plan events/Refer friends

• Provide administrative support and clerical activities

• Assist in mentoring to out youth on and off of the field of play

• Help our foundation create a positive image for the community

• Research health tips and informational topics to share with our youth and their families

• Train and assist our youth in working-out and training for competition

• Assist our members, partners and sponsors with their questions and concerns

• Share enthusiasm with our members, sponsors and the organization we are affiliated with

Volunteer now by emailing us at volunteernow@competingforlife.com